Knowing your pension is now an essential part of everyone’s financial planning.

  • What charges you are paying
  • How your pension is invested
  • What its growth is
  • What options are available to you when you are approaching retirement are important areas to consider.

You should know how the recent Budget announcements may affect you and whether you pension provider is still active in the pension market or if there are any concerns regarding their stability.

Our Free Pension Review service will answer all these points and may also reunite you with a pension you have lost track of.  The review is completely free of charge and can only be of benefit to you, if nothing else it will ensure hat you are aware of your current pension arrangements.  Your review will be prepared by a fully qualified Financial Planner who has achieved a minimum level of ‘Advanced Financial Planner’ or ‘Chartered Financial Planner’.  We are directly authorised by the FCA and we guarantee to always act in your best interests.  We are extremely proud that the vast majority of our new clients each year come to us via recommendations and professional referrals.